Three Unique Ways To Get Rid Of Extra Stuff Before You Move

There's no reason to move all of the things you no longer use or need to your new home. But how should you go about getting rid of those things you don't want to bring with you? Just dropping them off at the thrift store or tossing them in the trash is not always the best option. Here are three more unique ways to get rid of your extra stuff prior to moving – and do a little good in the process! [Read More]

Moving Your Antiques And Collections

Household moves are always stressful. You need to sort through your possessions and discard as many as possible. This step reduces the number of objects that you need to handle and makes the moving process easier. Of course, for most people, getting rid of antiques and collectables is not an option they would consider. If you own these valuable items, you need to take special precautions before moving day. Appraisals If you haven't done so recently, you need to have your valuable items appraised before you move. [Read More]

How To Prepare Your Large Appliances For A Move

Reputable moving crews are protected by insurance policies, which often place restrictions on what workers can do during a move. For this reason, some professional moving companies require homeowners to clean, disassemble, or unplug large appliances prior to moving day. Call the moving company to determine whether it has any specific large-appliance procedures for you to follow. If not, use the basic guidelines below to prepare your large appliances for moving day. [Read More]

When It's Time To Unpack: Tips To Help You Survive This Challenging Aspect Of Moving

After a day or more of packing and driving, when you finally arrive at your new home, all you want to do is relax. But, there's a whole other step of moving waiting for you: unpacking. No matter how you slice it, unpacking is always going to be a bit of a challenge – though you can make it slightly less so by following these helpful tips. Have the moving company unpack only the basics. [Read More]