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5 Essential Pieces Of Moving Equipment To Help With Loading

Moving without the help of movers to load the moving truck requires some special planning, especially if you won't have the assistance of friends or family to handle heavy lifting. Experiencing a sore back, legs, and shoulders can be a terrible way to start off living at your new home, making it a good idea to get acquainted with some pieces of moving equipment that can reduce the strain.  

Hand Trucks

Lifting heavy furniture and appliances can be difficult, if not entirely impossible, if you are using only your own strength. In order to handle heavier and bulkier items, you should purchase or rent a hand truck. You can tilt items onto this piece of equipment and easily bring them to the moving truck for loading.

Furniture Pads

To keep furniture in good condition while placed in storage, it's essential to invest in furniture pads that can help provide some extra stability while on the road. With furniture pads used between your furniture, you won't need to worry about anything bumping into each other while you're driving.


To keep your hands protected while lifting heavy items, you'll want to make sure that you're wearing gloves that are suitable for lifting. Not only can this help prevent your fingers from getting injured as easily while dealing with bulky items, it can also help you get a better grip.


While knee pads may not be the first thing you consider when planning for your move, they can be especially helpful for lifting heavy furniture, appliances, and boxes. By supporting your knees and preventing unnecessary strain from pressure, you can easily lift and move heavy items without pain.

Back Brace

The back is commonly considered the number one part of the body that is injured while doing any heavy lifting, making it a good idea to buy a back brace for your upcoming move. By wearing a back brace that fits your body snugly, you can lift heavy items without as much strain on your back. Making sure to put the brace on whenever moving items, even when using a hand truck, can make a world of difference in the following days after your move.

Preparing for an upcoming move often includes packing and planning a route for the actual move and less focus on the loading of a moving truck. To ensure that everything is loaded into the truck without  causing pain to you, it's a good idea to look into the above pieces of equipment that can come in handy. If you'd rather have professionals move you out, contact Canadian Van Lines.