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Three Things Movers May Not Be Allowed To Move And Why

If you are looking to hire movers, you may want to know if there are any limitations as to what movers will and will not move for you. Usually, there is not much that movers are not capable of moving, but there may be things they are not allowed to move. Here are some common guidelines that show what your movers may not be able to move and why.


By definition, contraband is anything that enters the country illegally and has managed to make it past Canada's border patrols. Some of what sneaks past would normally be legal if it came through the proper channels. Chances are, you are not trying to move any contraband, but if the things, products, etc., you are trying move are similar to those often seized at the border, movers have the right to refuse to provide you with moving services. If you want to move something that may be perceived as contraband, there are some legal channels you can take to get paperwork that proves your property is legitimately owned by you. Then the movers may be willing to help you move a large shipment of guns, medical supplies, etc.

Stolen Property

Stolen property, even when that property is yours but it is stuck in someone else's abode, cannot be moved out of that abode by the movers. For example, say you lived with two roommates and those roommates stole your property, kicked you out of the flat, and then changed the locks on the doors. The movers cannot go into the apartment to retrieve your belongings and move them to your new home. If this type of situation has happened to you, you need to go to small claims court and sue for the return of your possessions. Then, and only then, can movers (often accompanied by police officers) enter the old apartment and retrieve your things.

Abandoned Property

If you own a rental property, movers cannot remove and dispose of abandoned property without prior legal action. You, as the proprietor, can remove all of the former tenant's property, but you are required by law to store it for "x" number of days so that the owner and former tenant may return and claim the property. If that person does not return, you may be able to get a tribunal to award you ownership of the abandoned property. If you have legal documentation showing that this property has officially been transferred to you, then movers are allowed to move any part of those abandoned possessions for you.

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