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Getting Grumpy Teenagers On Board With A Move

Moving can be hard enough as it is with a family, but if you have a reluctant teenager on your hands, this might seem impossible. If you are having a hard time getting your teen on board with an upcoming move, there might be a few things you can do to this easier. Here are four tips to help a teenager get ready for (and actually look forward to!) a move.

1. Discuss All Upcoming Changes

Don't blindside your kids just because you are putting off letting them know about an upcoming household move. Even if you know that your child will be upset or concerned, it is good to get them used to the idea. Make sure they understand that your family is in the process of looking for homes or a prospective move to a different neighborhood or state. This will give them time to get their head around the idea before the for-sale sign is put out and movers show up.

2. Give them a Chance to Voice Their Concerns

Be sure to listen and be understanding with your child's concerns, as these are valid and should be respected. If your teenager is angry, give them some space but do try to circle back and discuss what the move will entail and will change in their life. They might have concerns over school, friends, or uncertainties about a new home. If your child won't open up, have their other parent or other adult give this a try.

3. Respect Your Child's Ideas for the Transition

On the other hand, your child might be full of suggestions or alternatives when it comes to moving. Older kids might want to finish out the school year before moving, which might be able to be arranged with relatives or friends. Work out plans for seeing friends over the summer or possibly getting a car to help with getting to jobs or school that is further away. Teenagers are figuring out their independence and might have valid suggestions that will ease tensions.

4. Suggest a Move-In Present

If your teen is grumpy about a move, you might be able to lessen the blow with a present. Let them know if they help with packing or on moving day that you would love to get them a welcome home gift. Whether this is a video game console, a puppy, or tickets to a concert, use this to your advantage. If there is something that can get your teen to look forward to, it might be worth the effort.

While teenagers can be hard to get on the same page with, it is up to you as a parent to try your best to help them through this period in their life. Moving might be inevitable, but how you handle this transition will be key.

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