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Important Tips For Hiring Movers When Medical Equipment Is Present

It is not unusual to assume that because you have already moved a few times in your lifetime, you will be able to have a similar experience when you need to move medical equipment. Given that recent estimates that the average Canadian buys a new home  at least 4.5 times during their lifetime, it is easy to make that mistake. However, the truth is that delicate medical equipment and the special situations that it is typically associated with mean that it is important to consider the following information when choosing movers to transport the often bulky and expensive medical equipment.

Confirm That Adequate Packaging And Insulation Of the Items Is Provided

Whether you have done the bulk of your own packing and moving before, you have had movers do it all or a combination of those two, a medical move is likely to present with extra challenges. For instance, the common technique of using crumpled up newspaper or clean linens may not always provide another protection against possible damage. In addition, if the medical problems relate to chemical sensitivities, breathing issues or severe allergies, it is frequently useful to verify that if packing materials are re-used from one property to the next, that there are no scents that may be transferred.

If you no longer have access to the boxes and packing materials provided with the items at the time of purchase, it is crucial to be sure that the movers will not be moving these items in wardrobe boxes and tissue paper that does not always provide adequate protection. Instead, compressed air packets and reinforced boxes, with separate containers for the adapters, power supplies, etc., is often a good idea for delicate items with moving parts.

Movers Should Be Familiar With Safely Detaching Any Removable Modifications From The Property

Another concern that can be overlooked is the modifications that you may have made to the home to make living in it easier with health problems. Although they may have been minor expenses at the time of installation, their total cost can quickly accrue. Since removing and installing them can be delicate work, it is best to choose experts who know how to handle the items safely and quickly, thus reducing the possibility of excess time being wasted or damage to the equipment

Therefore, you will need to verify that the movers that will be transporting medically related items to your next residence are familiar with the details associated with items like:

  • Portable lifts
  • Modified electrical outlets
  • Ramps and lifts that are not permanent parts of the home
  • Upgraded smoke detectors, alarms, carbon monoxide equipment, etc.

In conclusion, hiring movers for medical equipment is often more challenging and expensive than it might be to hire movers for standard household furniture and items. Therefore, in order to prevent accidental damage and maintain consistent use of the medical equipment that is frequently costly to replace and essential for staying healthy, it will be very helpful to consider the above advice. Visit Mid-West Moving & Storage Services Inc moving for more information.