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Moving Your Antiques And Collections

Household moves are always stressful. You need to sort through your possessions and discard as many as possible. This step reduces the number of objects that you need to handle and makes the moving process easier. Of course, for most people, getting rid of antiques and collectables is not an option they would consider. If you own these valuable items, you need to take special precautions before moving day.


If you haven't done so recently, you need to have your valuable items appraised before you move. You will not be able to acquire the proper amount of insurance if you do not. In fact, some insurance companies may require this step before you switch your homeowner's policy to your new residence. You may need to get several appraisals to satisfy and protect you from loss. Your insurance agent can help you locate a reputable appraiser for this task. Once this job is finished, you can add the appropriate insurance protection needed for the move.  



You need to closely inspect your valuable items before you move for several reasons. First, you need to note the condition of each piece so that you will know if anything is damaged in transit. Use your smartphone to take pictures of your antique furniture at all angles. You need to measure each furniture item so that you know it will fit through the doorways of your new residence. Also, if you are moving to a different climate, you should consult with antique experts for advice on maintaining the finish of your items in your new home. Humidity or the lack of humidity can make a huge difference in your ability to preserve your items.

Moving Company

Before you hire a moving company, ask about their expertise in moving antiques and collectables. They should have a specific procedure in place that will ensure the safety of your items. The experts should use materials such as paper padding, moving "blankets," and shrink wrap to protect these sometimes delicate items. Also, ask how these pieces will be secured inside the moving van before you proceed. 

You need to protect all of your household possessions during a move, but safeguarding your special items requires more diligence. Do consult with your insurance agent, appraisers, and movers (such as those from Done Right Moving) before undertaking any move. Even the most careful moving professionals can occasionally have a mishap, so you need to have all of your paperwork and preparation completed before the big day.