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Three Unique Ways To Get Rid Of Extra Stuff Before You Move

There's no reason to move all of the things you no longer use or need to your new home. But how should you go about getting rid of those things you don't want to bring with you? Just dropping them off at the thrift store or tossing them in the trash is not always the best option. Here are three more unique ways to get rid of your extra stuff prior to moving – and do a little good in the process!

Find a family in need.

Let all of your connections know you're moving and getting rid of things, and see if they know of any families who might be in need of your items. If you belong to a church or other religious group, see if there are any members who are in need. Young families just starting out, those who have lost a job, or those who have been through a fire or another disaster may be in need of basic items like clothing, kitchen utensils and furniture. If you're able to find such a family, consider giving them all of the items you want to get rid of. (Go through them ahead of time and throw away anything that's no longer usable or overly worn.)

Have friends and family members come "shop."

Having a garage sale is certainly an option, but it can be hard to advertise and attract shoppers. An alternative is to invite all of your friends and family members – especially those who are younger, still in college, or just starting out, to "shop" through your home and take things they want or need. Mark everything that's up for grabs with a piece of tape so they can tell the difference between things you're keeping and those you're looking to get rid of. If you don't want to give the items away entirely, you can ask your family members and friends to help you pack and move in exchange for the items!

Put the items up for barter online.

If you have a little time before you move, try listing some of the larger items for barter online. Try to trade them for items that you are going to need once you move. For instance, if you know you're going to need a new dining room table once you move, list your old snowmobile and see if anyone is willing to trade you a dining room table for your snow mobile. There are a number of sites like Craigslist where you can list barter items. There are also local Facebook groups dedicated to bartering in most areas.

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