Packing For A Move? 4 Tips For Properly Getting Your Electronics Ready To Go

Whether you are moving from an apartment into a single-family home or from a studio to a one-bedroom place, the process of packing and moving does not change. While most people already know how to handle basic packing with clothes, kitchen equipment, and housewares, not everything is this easy. Packing electronics requires a far more delicate process to avoid causing damage to your items. Remove Large Components from Your PC [Read More]

Moving On A Tight Budget? 4 Ways To Spend Little To No Money On Packing

Throughout your life, you will likely move from one place to another more than a few times. Sometimes, you may have to move in a short period of time, but do not have that much money to use for the move. Instead of pulling out your credit card and buying a variety of packing supplies, you can get a little creative to avoid having to spend much money, or any at all, depending on what you already have. [Read More]

Three Things Movers May Not Be Allowed To Move And Why

If you are looking to hire movers, you may want to know if there are any limitations as to what movers will and will not move for you. Usually, there is not much that movers are not capable of moving, but there may be things they are not allowed to move. Here are some common guidelines that show what your movers may not be able to move and why. Contraband [Read More]

3 Ways A Storage Unit May Be Able To Help When You've Lost A Loved One

When a loved one passes away, your grief may be so strong you feel as if you are walking in a fog. If you are responsible for determining what should happen with your loved one's property, it can be upsetting to make final decisions about where their things should go when your sense of loss is still so deep. Here are some ways a storage unit, such as Queensborough Mini Storage for Burnaby BC, can alleviate pressure during this time. [Read More]